Ned and Alma Freeman, owners of Village Antique Gallerie, have been in business for over 60 years. Ned's Career began in management with an international company in Indianapolis. Alma's career has been raising four children along with interior design and a life long love of antiques.

Village Antique Gallerie was born 25 Years ago and opened in Pierceton seven years ago after taking an unusual path.
Starting from an "Exploratory" trip to England, the Freeman's concluded it was possible to buy and ship European antiques in a quantity that was economically feasible. European antiques have added a different "flavor" to the store, coming from England, France, Holland and Belgium. They are affordable and definitely make a statement in any home.

Antiquing in England at market time to the Freemans means getting up before day-break with flashlights in hand and heading out in their box truck to find the "treasures" of the day. Most of the antique shopping at market time is done at English military bases which were closed after World War II.

The hedgerows along the narrow England roads often brush the sides of the van. The round a bouts are interesting at the intersections since the English Countryside does not have stoplights. The Freeman's learned very quickly the English system at intersections does speed up the traffic.

On the first trip, Ned and Alma realized how friendly and helpful the English people are since in England hospitality is a way of life. On the continent, the Freeman's discovered language can be a problem, especially in France. Fortunately, their daughter knows and speaks some French. Their English shipper is also helpful since he can also pick up merchandise on the continent for the Freeman's. 

After 9/11, the Freeman's noted, most American buyers stopped shopping in Europe. Village Antique Gallerie is proud to have an inventory of American antiques also. That inventory includes furniture, sports memorabilia, china, glassware, art, chandeliers, pottery in the store. Customers come to Village Antique Gallerie from all across the united States and Canada. One months receipts of sales showed people coming from coast to coast from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and at that time a load was sent to Alaska.

The large pieces of furniture are very popular. The antiques date from the 18th Century. The large armoires can be converted to beautiful display cabinets.